Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's been a while

So I realize that I am not the best at some things, or even very good. Like eating meat, being a morning person, and blogging.

Recently we have moved, again. This made our 11th move since Jay and I have been married. Someday we will get it down to a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon. We are loving our house, Jay sister Sara is letting us rent her house while Jay has decided to go to school. It's so nice to live in a house where I don't have a million projects that I want to do with it.

Jay has decided to go to school in Audiology, which is an 8 year degree of course. But things will be great in about 10 years. :)

Junior started first grade, which was traumatic for both of us. (A great story on that to come later)

Abby started preschool which she has been dying to go to since Junior started a few years ago.

Gracie is into cleaning lately. She has decided that a drawer in my kitchen is the garbage and does a good job keeping it full.

I have started City league Volleyball and am playing in Spanish Fork and Payson again this year. I love all the girls on our teams and we have so much fun. This year we have had a winning season so far. Hopefully I can add a couple of tournament shirts to my T-shirt drawer.


Alisha Haight said...

FINALLY an update! This doesn't replace our pending phone call...:)

Rachael said...


Paula said...

I think you have enough T-shirts.