Thursday, August 27, 2009


This year we finally have a yard with a garden!! We even have blackberries!! I love having all of these fresh fruit and vegetables. We didn't do very well with our garden, but the fruit trees and blackberries have been wonderful!! This is a picture of my family picking blackberries for cobbler (yummy). I didn't help. Bad memories from growing up?

This is a picture of my angel.
Abby loves pink if you couldn't tell from this picture and was wearing a bowl for some reason. Who wouldn't like to get into the mind of a three year old? I love how the light bounces off of the bowl and makes her look even more like an angel :)

Junior and Kindergarten

Junior started Kindergarten with Miss Halter on Wednesday. He just loves it! He just beams when he tells you what his teacher said the first day, "You guys are acting just like first graders!" It's so cute to see him all excited about school. We miss him around here, but at least he's only gone a few hours a day. I think that Abby misses him the most, but she gets some one on one time with the parents and starts pre-school on Tuesday. What am I going to do with only one child at home?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Family fun

This year for the Evans family reunion we had so much fun!! We did several things including swimming in the pool with the kids. In this picture, Ethan is standing at the top of the slide and rolling down a fisher-price little person for me to catch with my mouth. The things you will do for family. I never caught it, so I guess you could say I was unsuccessful in that venture.
Junior and Abby are so cute!! Don't I just have the prettiest babies ever!?! They had so much fun playing with all thier cousins and keep asking me to go back to Grandma Paula's house.
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Jay is the Champion!!

This year, Jay won the Evans Family Ping Pong Championship! He did so well playing Matthew for the coveted title. This is a picture of him holding the tournament brackets. If you look closely, you'll see that I took fourth.
Here is Jay, concentrating on his game. And below is a picture of the great player passing on points to the younger generation (Junior)

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