Saturday, July 18, 2009

Really clean restaurant

So we went to Red Robin this weekend, which my kids LOVE for some reason. Junior will make his own menus all the time for it and draw the pictures and everything like they have on the kids menu. And maybe because it is Red.

We finally got done eating and were leaving the restaurant and Abby was leading the way. She went down one of the steps and started heading for a plate glass window. I tried telling her she was going the wrong way, but she just didn't stop. I was wondering if she thought she knew the people at a table nearby or that she would stop before she got to the huge plate glass window. But she didn't. It was so funny seeing the surprise on her face when she hit the window, but even better when I saw everyone's face at the nearest table. I laughed so hard!! And the best thing was, she was so tired it didn't even phase her. She just turned around and followed us out of the restaurant.