Thursday, August 27, 2009


This year we finally have a yard with a garden!! We even have blackberries!! I love having all of these fresh fruit and vegetables. We didn't do very well with our garden, but the fruit trees and blackberries have been wonderful!! This is a picture of my family picking blackberries for cobbler (yummy). I didn't help. Bad memories from growing up?

This is a picture of my angel.
Abby loves pink if you couldn't tell from this picture and was wearing a bowl for some reason. Who wouldn't like to get into the mind of a three year old? I love how the light bounces off of the bowl and makes her look even more like an angel :)


Alisha Haight said...

Yes, bad memories from picking blackberries, and our parents who treated us like slaves...:)

I wish I had a garden!!!!!!!!

Marissa said...

Well, the blackberry bushes were in a 200 foot long row. (Or 5-10 feet. Whatever.) Of course they had to use us as slaves!
I love that Abby looks like an angel.