Sunday, June 27, 2010


We went to the Aquarium a few weeks ago, at the beginning of the summer. It was great for my kids, we got to look at everything and when the kids got tired, we had already looked at everything.

Gracie liked it the most. If you look at the reflection in the glass (pictured above) you can see Gracie's smiling face. She loved looking at everything and would talk to it all and try to touch it.

Junior liked climbing through the coral reefs that they had there.

Abby, being our climber, liked the frog.

This is how Abby measures up to a penguin.
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Marissa said...

I don't remember seeing the frog. Plus, the penguins weren't there when we went. I guess it is time for another trip!

Chiska said...

I love your baby's reflection in the glass. That's awesome! I've been wondering about that place, thanks for sharing.

Alisha Haight said...

Tan Abby, like Gracie's reflection, and Junior is so handsome!!

Josh and Mary said...

We took the girls for Alivia's birthday they loved it! So did I! The kids are so cute!