Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Junior's first days of school

This is a Picture of Junior on his graduation day from Kindergarten. He loved his teacher Miss Halter. She was such a great Kindergarten teacher. We really lucked out getting her.

Look at his eyes! Why do boys always get the crazy long eyelashes? He looks so young and innocent to me.

These are Junior on his first day of 1st grade. Look how happy he is to be away from his mom, all day long.
He had a blast on his first day of school, I just cried all day. He found out that his best friend Ethan was in his class, so he couldn't be happier. I was relieved after I picked him up and he was ok and wanted to go back the next day.

However, the second day, we weren't so lucky. I went to pick him up and was there early, got a good spot so he could see me the second he got out. The kids start coming out and I'm watching for him and watching for him... and don't ever see him. So I go to the class room thinking maybe the teacher kept them all after or something, but the classroom is locked. By the time I get back to my car, there are no kids around. All the parents and teachers have left, and I can't find my son. Panic set in and thankfully I saw Mr. Goudy (the coolest school janitor EVER, he was also there when I went to school). He told me to go to the office and see if they had him there.

So I go into the office and up until then, I'm doing good, no tears. Then I see that Junior isn't in the office and I lose it. She calls his teacher down to the office and we find out that he got on the bus that day. Now we don't take the bus. At the time we lived about four blocks from the school so there was no chance he could ride the bus.

I was so lucky that his teacher was on bus duty that day and saw him get on the bus with his friend Ethan. Unfortunately he lived clear out on Summit Ridge in Santaquin which actually takes about half an hour to get there and back because of the crazy roads.

There have been a couple of times when he has gotten lost after school since then, but at least I always find him. I am so glad that by the time he can drive, all the cars will have GPS and he'll have a cell phone.
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Marissa said...

Junior is such a cutie! I love his smile.

stephanie said...

Oh man, losing your child is every mothers worst nightmare. I am glad you found out quickly what had happened.

Alisha Haight said...

Mom was here when that happened, and we were both crying, even though you called after the fact...and we knew he was okay.