Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Junior!

Junior turned 4 on February 20th. He had to have a chocolate cake with red frosting. I usually make my grandmother's red velvet $300 cake, but he was insistent on it being chocolate with red frosting. Do you know how much food coloring it takes to make it red instead of pink? Let's just say I hope the urban legend red or black food coloring causing cancer is just that.

Junior got his first bike for his birthday and is doing a great job learning how to ride it and is looking forward to riding up and down all the mountains outside of his house.


Evans Family said...

Happy Birthday Jr! The cake and bike look great. Love you all-

Marissa said...

The cake was yummy, even if it did dye my mouth red. :)
The pictures are fun too. I can't believe how old these kids are getting. They just grow up so fast!

Alisha Haight said...

Hey, you didn't send me any cake? Great. Am I the only person in this family who doesn't bake? You can make cakes? Happy Birthday Junior!

Evans Family said...

I know Mike already posted a comment, but I wanted to add my two bits too...I cannot believe that you were able to make that red. I am very impressed. I have been happy that Kylie is a girl so pink is acceptable. What am I going to do with Zach???? Hopefully he likes pastel blue or mint green or even yellow!
Love, Kristine